About This Site

About Our Website 

Membership – This site, as well as other sites related to the Alumni of Seneca High School, welcomes anyone who attended Seneca High School, regardless of whether that person actually graduated. Guest memberships are also made available to friends of members, as well as members of other sister websites. 

Forums –
The forum topics are added when called for. If you feel a new topic is needed or would add to the enjoyment of other classmates, then, by all means, feel free to add it. Please respect others' rights to their opinions within the discussions and refrain from making hurtful or slanderous remarks that might otherwise ban you from forum discussion. Finger pointing, prattle, and mischief are encouraged.

Administrators –
This website is controlled by three principal administrators. Their function is to implement new features as they become available and maintain current features already in place. They also lend aid to classmates in setting up profiles as needed as well as create guest memberships when they are requested.  In order to more efficiently allocate the workload, the following assignment by first name is used: 

If a classmate’s first name begins with A-J, then Billy Lee is the administrator.
If a classmate’s first name begins with K-P, then Tommy Wood is the administrator.
If a classmate’s first name begins with Q-Z, then Alan Brooks is the administrator.

Privacy –
A large part of what this website is about revolves around the personal aspects of each of its members. Your old friends want to know what you have been up to for the past three decades. Feel free to furnish them with as much information as you feel comfortable in your profile. Granted, some folks you have never heard of may stumble across your profile, so if you feel uncomfortable with disclosing things like phone numbers and marital status, that’s up to you. 

Also, be aware of the following settings located at the bottom of your “Edit Profile” screen.
These features allow you to control who sees certain information on your profile. With the Profile Visibility box checked and the Contact Details unchecked, you will have the greatest level of privacy.


Profile Visibility:



Block the general public and search engines from accessing your Profile details. Note: Checking this option allows only fellow Classmates participating in this site to view your Profile details. Leaving this box unchecked will allow the public to view your Profile details.

Contact Details:



Allow Classmates to see my address and phone number (this information is hidden from your Classmate unless you check this box).